The committee comprises mostly residents of the Old City of

//The committee comprises mostly residents of the Old City of

Campaign to Upgrade the Old City’s ‘Small Wall’

Unknown to most visitors to the Western Wall, the remnant of the Holy Temple compound extends to the north far beyond canada goose outlet new york city what they can see and a campaign is underway to canada goose clearance publicize this.

The Western Wall is a supporting wall of the Temple Mount complex, on which the two Holy canada goose Temples were built approximately 2,850 and 2,350 years ago, respectively. Though it is canada goose outlet uk technically outside the Temple area, it has special sanctity; the rabbinic Sages taught that the Divine Presence would never leave the canada goose uk shop Western Wall.

Of the nearly 500 meters of length of the Western Wall, roughly 200 meters of the southern end [to the right of the worshipers] are easily accessible today but the remainder is official canada goose outlet just as sacred. Another 100 meters or so are included in a tour of the Western Wall Tunnels. Above these tunnels, near the Iron Gate entrance to the Temple Mount and on Temple Mount floor level, is an open area facing a short segment of the Wall. This is the area known as the Kotel HaKatan.

One Would Not Know It

Though it is off the beaten track, the Kotel HaKatan is actually slightly more holy than the familiar Western Wall plaza, because of its closer proximity to the Holy of Holies of the ancient Temples. However, one would not know this upon visiting it for it is canada goose outlet black friday hard to get to, has no trappings of a holy site, and is not even canada goose outlet toronto factory protected 24 hours a day.

A no littering sign is an canada goose outlet store improvement, but what we really want is a sign saying that this is a holy site and that it should be treated appropriately.

An ad hoc committee named Kotleinu, “Our Wall,” is working to promote and improve conditions at the Kotel HaKatan. The committee comprises mostly residents of the Old City of Jerusalem who are concerned that the area canada goose jacket outlet is not treated with the respect it deserves.

The group says cheap canada goose that of late, for the first time ever, the buy canada goose jacket cheap Tourism Ministry department in charge canada goose outlet shop of Holy Sites has committed to upkeep the Kotel HaKatan. Deputy https://www.outletmoncler.de Director General Rafi Ben Hur acknowledged that the Ministry is responsible for the uk canada goose outlet area, but said that special budgeting must be obtained before this responsibility can be actualized.

Despite this, some recent improvements at the site include a cheap canada goose police presence during daylight hours, a security camera monitoring the area and the access road, municipality provided street sweeping and even a cheap Canada Goose sign that uk canada goose says “Do canada goose outlet nyc not litter.”

“A no littering sign is an improvement,” an active Kotleinu member told Arutz 7, “but what we really want is a sign saying that this is a holy site and that it should be treated appropriately.”

Prayer Services and Arab Bicycles

Yeshivat HaKotel maintains a daily canada goose outlet in usa afternoon prayer Canada Goose Parka service there, and other groups and yeshivot canada goose outlet online uk also pray there on Shabbatot. This, despite the fact that there are no chairs or prayer stands at the site; even prayer books cannot be stored there, as there is no security at night. Sometimes, Arab children pass through there with their bicycles, or Arab women with their shopping bags reminiscent of the scene of the “regular” Western Wall up until several decades ago.

“If the Ministry sees that tourists from both in and out of Israel frequent the place and are interested in it,” Kotleinu feels, “this will provide an incentive to upgrade it. This is why we have started a letter writing campaign to this effect.”

Kotleinu asks concerned citizens and tourists to join the campaign for improving Kotel HaKatan conditions by visiting the Small Wall and by writing to or faxing (02 6496157) Tourism Minister Yitzchak Aharonovitch. A recommended sample letter can be seen here.


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