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About Us

Pharmacy Expo

Based on the great success we have achieved since started organizing PHARMACY EXPO in March 2016, and also in response to the urgent demands of a number of significant exhibitors, we found ourselves committed to annually organize that important event in order to achieve the exhibitor’s goals and visitor’s satisfaction as well. .
PHARMACY EXPO is the unique integrated tradeshow that gathers all pharmaceuticals, cosmetics and personal care business as well as all other pharmacy services in Egypt, Middle East and Africa.

In addition, we are keen to improve the scientific, professional and administrative aspects of the pharmacists that attending through organizing the PHARMACY EXPO scientific congress which includes many lectures and workshops during the event days managed by elites of scientists and specialists in the field of pharmacy.

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MASTER BUSINESS GROUP’s strategy is to generate fruitful, sustainable and valued business opportunities for the pharmaceutical market stakeholders and to support positive long-term relationships between each other.
We do this, utilizing renewable ideas, cumulative professional ambitious team, along with our loyal customers in order to deliver products, services and that customer’s deserve.

CO-ORGANIZER WIDE VISION, the CO-ORGANIZER has always adopting creative ideas, helping in making dreams come true.

Since the first day, we are working as a co-organizer on the PHARMACY EXPO event, and we are prouding of the success we achieved.

We will save no effort to achieve our goal in putting Pharmacy Expo on the international exhibitions map.




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